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I have been involved in the sport of dogs since I was eight years old and checked out Milo Pearsall’s “Obedience Training Your Dog” from the local public library.  I was enthralled with the visions that the book opened up for me and proceeded to train, not only my family’s own collies and mutts, but every dog in the neighborhood that happened to venture through our backyard.  No fences or leash laws in those days in rural Indiana.

 While I was a sophomore at UCLA, I acquired a sheltie mix puppy from the pound, snuck him into my “no dogs allowed” apartment and took him to class with me every day.  While passing Stoner Park one evening, I spotted a dog obedience class in session and decided that “Bandit” and I should enroll.  I was hooked and Bandit and I went on to attend classes all the way through Utility.  In those days, there were no formal degrees for mixed breeds, but we were able to get the equivalent of our All American UD by competing in match competition.

 In 1974, my husband and I moved to Malibu and I became an assistant trainer for Haleridge Kennels.   Evelyn and Jimmy Hale raised  English and Irish Setters and had raised and trained the Irish that were used in the making of “Big Red”.  I took over the job of training the dogs of their private clients and assisting with the group classes they taught for the Malibu Township Council.  In 1978, the Hales retired to Big Bear and turned their classes over to me. I began teaching for the West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club in 1998 and teach novice, advanced novice, competition obedience, open, utility, and conformation handling classes.

 Over the years, my methods of dog training have changed considerably, from the old “never use food, or they won’t obey you unless they’re hungry” philosophy to becoming an avowed enthusiast of clicker training.  Dogs and the people who love and train them are all different.  A method of training which works for one team may not be ideal for another.  As a dog AND people trainer, I believe it is my job to help the owner find and effectively use the method  which works best for them, as long as the results are positive for dog and owner alike.  In my classes, you may well find the dog and handler teams using different methods to accomplish the same goals.  I think this flexibility make for a unique and rewarding group training experience.

 My current dogs are all Keeshonden.   I have been breeding, training, and showing Kees in conformation, obedience, agility, and therapy dog work since 1977 under my “Shoreline” kennel prefix.  I have bred 37 conformation champions, 16 CD’s, 5 CDX,s,  1 UD, and numerous agility titles including many MACHs.  Several of my dogs also work as therapy dogs.  I am the President of the Keeshond Club of Southern California and also serve as the Health Committee Chairman for the Keeshond Club of America. 

 In my non-dog life, I am a graduate of UCLA with a degree in Psychology and worked as a bureaucrat for the State of California, where I was the Southern California Director for Medi-Cal Disability.  I am married to a very patient husband and have a daughter who is also very active in showing dogs and horses.

Questions can be directed to obed@wlatoc.com or my email at tawnsinclr@aol.com

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Danielle has put NATCHs on two Australian Shepherds and is close to a NADAC championship on a third Aussie.  She came to dog training through horses.  For the last twenty years, she has trained horses and taught riding while also competing successfuly on the Paint Horse circuit. 

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Debbie received her first dog, a poodle, for her sixth birthday (after much pleading to her parents) and took her first formal training class at age 11, with the family Saint Bernard. She is a graduate of Triple Crown Academy, completing the Canine Training Specialist Certification under some of the world's foremost authorities on dog behavior and training. She also attended Martin Deeley's International School For Dog Trainers, studying with Mr. Deeley to become an  E-Touch method remote collar dog trainer. Her experience includes puppy and dog obedience, behavior modification, problem solving, agility, rally, clicker and tricks, sheepherding, therapy dog work, rescue, flyball, grooming, & CGC. She has put many titles on different dogs, and her dogs have appeared in movies and on TV. She is currently a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and the West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club. She has served on the Board of Directors for WLAOTC, and served as Director for Santa Monica Dog Owners Group, helping overturn laws that prevented leashed dogs from entering any Santa Monica park, and opening the first two off leash parks in the city. 

Debbie is a firm believer that all dogs, and owners, can benefit from consistent, positive training. She likes to say "There are many tools in the toolbox, we need to find what works for each team, there is no "one size fits all" in dog training. And remember, bad dogs need training, good dogs deserve it!"
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Robin Roy has been training dogs her whole life, starting as a child following her mother, an American Kennel Club obedience judge, around the ring. She has been training professionally for more than fifteen years. Robin has extensive experience with rescue dogs and is also a puppy specialist. She teaches group classes and privates, covering basic obedience to behavioral issues of all types. She attends conferences, takes webinars, networks with other trainers nationally. She currently has a Chihuahua with attitude, a miniature pinscher mix with spunk, and a Papillon who is definitely smarter than she is—and three cats who come when they’re called.

Robin’s training methods are positive, dog-friendly techniques that work easily—and help you help your fabulous dog.

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Laurene von Klan is a certified dog trainer in Santa Monica.   Laurene has lived just about her whole life with one or more rescue dogs — the nippy wire fox terrier, the hound who marathon–trained with her, the fearful catahoula, and the herding disc-dog who helped raise her son.  Over the years with these dogs she learned training methods ranging from old-style correction, to remote collars, to the latest marker and engagement training.   Today Laurene believes that the most effective training is accomplished with positive methods that reward good behavior, and corrections motivate good choices and that do not cause fear or pain.

Laurene and her rescue dog Ginger compete in dog sports and train with the West LA Obedience Training Club.  Ginger has earned numerous AKC Rally and Obedience Titles, and lots of blue ribbons on the way — pretty good for a shelter puppy on the euthanasia list!  Laurene and Ginger run and hike together on area trails. Laurene earned her dog training certificate, with honors, from Animal Behavior College (ABC), and is now an approved Mentor Trainer for aspiring trainers enrolled with ABC.   She is also a CPDT -KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed), by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers.  She is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and has presented at its annual conference and writes for their magazine. She has trained for K9 connection, a non-profit that helps teens and shelter dogs by pairing them together for life skills training.  She is a mentor trainer for Animal Behavior college.  Laurene also volunteers at the West LA Animal Shelter.

Prior to becoming a certified dog trainer, Laurene worked as a non-profit executive in Chicago.  She received several awards including recognition as one of Chicago’s Most Influential Women. She lives with her son, partner, dog, and cat.

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