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Dog sports videos are available for use by our members free of charge. The complete listing of the WLAOTC Video Library is below. Please make requests and reservations through this webpage using the "Request this Video" buttons. Videos can be obtained at General Membership Meetings and are to be returned at the next month's meeting. Members can also send in suggestions of videos for purchase and/or can donate videos to the club.

Following is the WLAOTC Video Borrowing Policy:

  • These videos belong to WLAOTC and are provided for the use of members only.
  • Names and signatures are to be written on the forms provided at the time of borrowing.
  • The videos are to be borrowed for not more than one month at a time, and are to be returned at the next monthly meeting.
  • The member who borrows a video is solely responsible for returning it. If it is not returned, that member is expected to replace it or pay the club the cost of replacement.
  • If you want to borrow a video which is not available, you may put your name (and the name of the video you want to borrow) on a waiting list and the video librarian will inform the member who has it, so that you can get it at the next meeting.
  • A video may be borrowed for two consecutive months PROVIDED that the member checks to see that no one is on the waiting list for it.
  • A member may borrowed up to two videos at once.
  • The member who borrows a video is solely responsible for returning it.
  • The borrowing member is responsible for replacing videos that are returned damaged (other than normal wear & tear or defect) or videos that are not returned
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    Current Video Library as of 01/21/19
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    Control Unleashed - A Foundation SeminarLeslie McDevittObedienceDVD

    Comments: This 4-disc DVD set contains portions of a two-day foundation seminar where Leslie McDevitt works with dogs training in one or more dog sports that are uncomfortable or unable to work off lead around other dogs. 


    Competitive Obedience Training for the Small DogBarbara Cecil and Gerianne DarnellObedienceBook

    Comments: Training specifically for small and toy dogs for obedience competition. 7th Ed. T9J Publishing 2004 


    Little Dogs: Training Your Pint-Sized CompanionDeborah WoodObedienceBook

    Comments: TFH Publications 2004 


    Positive Perspectives 2 - Know Your Dog, Train Your DogPat MillerObedienceBook

    Comments: Dogwise 2008 


    The Puppy WhispererPaul Owens and Terence CranendonkObedienceBook

    Comments: A Compassionate, Nonviolent Guide to Early Training and Care. Adams Media 2007. 


    The Toolbox for Building a Great Family DogTerry RyanObedienceBook

    Comments: Dogwise 2011 


    When Pigs Fly! Training Success with Impossible DogsJane KillionObedienceBook

    Comments: A bull terrier may require a different approach to training than a Golden or Lab. Good info on training shy dogs. Dogwise 2007 


    Choose To Heel 2Dawn JecsObedienceDVD

    Comments: (DVD) Includes a review of the "First Steps" from Choose to Heel book and the advancement of obedience basics and heeling. Includes flexibility exercises, cueing and footwork, heeling turns and transitions, proofing techniques, Come & Get It 


    The No-Force Method of Training (Novice)Bernie BrownObedienceVHS

    Comments: Older video. Bernie Brown was a top level competitor, author and AKC judge and an early advocate of no-force training which was new at the time. 


    Around The Clock - Scent Discrimination Janice DeMelloObedienceDVD



    Step By Step Training - Competition Obedience Workshop Janice GunnObedienceDVD



    The Retrieve For All BreedsDiane BaumanObedienceDVD



    Dogs are Problem Solvers - Complete Obedience Training (Tape 2)Connie ClevelandObedienceVHS

    Comments: In this DVD Connie covers recall skills (recalls, signals, drop on recall) and jumping skills (broad jump, go-outs and directed jumping). Comes with Booklet 


    Dogs are Problem Solvers - Complete Obedience Training (Tape 3)Connie ClevelandObedienceVHS

    Comments: This DVD focuses on heeling skills (heeling, halts, finishes and pivots), retrieving skills (flat retrieve, gloves, high jump and scent articles) and stationary skills (group stays, stand for exam and moving stand). Comes with Booklet 


    Fundamentals – Foundation Training for Every DogBrenda AloffObedienceDVD

    Comments: Establish consistent behaviors for easy, reliable handling and lay the foundation for more advanced training. Brenda Aloff is a professional dog trainer and author of Aggression In Dogs and Canine Body Language. 


    Obedience Without Conflict Ivan BalabanovObedienceDVD

    Comments: This trainer cross-trains for Schutzhund also, so these methods may be better suited to larger, high-drive dogs. Uses prey-drive motivation. 


    Positively Fetching: Teaching Obedience Retrieves Using FoodAdele Yunck and Judy ByronObedienceVHS

    Comments: With Booklet 


    Positively Ringwise (Preparing for Competition)Patty RuzzoObedienceCD

    Comments: Secrets for improving your handling to successfully show off your training in the competitive obedience ring. Includes proper footwork, eye cues, warm-ups, and techniques for remaining calm and focused in the ring. 90 minutes. Listen while you drive to th 


    Rally Obedience – Start To FinishDonna MastersObedienceDVD

    Comments: This is a DVD demonstrating all the 2008 Rally Obedience exercises used by the American Kennel Club. There are video clips of each exercise and written instructions. 


    Really Reliable RecallLeslie NelsonObedienceDVD

    Comments: Easy to follow steps to train your dog to come when it really counts, in an emergency. Learn how to build trust and ensure safety. Once trained, the recall works immediately in any situation, no matter what your dog is doing. He doesn’t think, he doesn’t  


    Virtual Competition (Dog Show Noise and Invisible Judge)Bonnie PeregoyObedienceCD and Audio Tape

    Comments: Helpful in proofing a sound-sensitive dog for competition  


    Around the Clock Method of Scent DiscriminationJanice De MelloObedienceVHS

    Comments: Janice DeMello's Around the Clock Method of Scent Discrimination was produced in 1992. This video provides all that you need to teach your dog articles, even if you're working entirely alone.  


    Attention and Handling, "The Birth of Teamwork" Terri ArnoldObedienceVHS

    Comments: Older video. Terri Arnold is a top competitor who has presented seminars and workshops for beginner students through advanced dog trainers throughout the U.S. and Canada. 


    Best Foot Forward – A Guide to Obedience HandlingBarbara HandlerObedienceVHS

    Comments: This video will help you to avoid handler errors in the obedience ring, determine if your dog is ready to compete, prepare you properly, and score your best. For novice through utility competitors. 


    Competing with A Small Dog - NoviceBarbara Cecil and Gerianne DarnellObedienceVHS

    Comments: Special techniques for competitive obedience training of small breeds. 


    Competing with A Small Dog - OpenBarbara Cecil and Gerianne DarnellObedienceVHS

    Comments: Use motivators, mostly food, to get spunky, upbeat and confident performances from small breeds not usually associated with obedience. 


    Competing with A Small Dog - UtilityBarbara Cecil and Gerianne DarnellObedienceVHS

    Comments: Step-by-step approach from experts. Final tape in the series teaches the utility exercises. 


    Competitive Obedience - NoviceAnnemarie SilvertonObedienceVHS

    Comments: Teach heeling, getting attention, stay, stand, conditioned jumping, and begin Open work with the "hold" for retrieve. This is an older video, so some of the methods are a bit dated now. (One copy marked damaged 5/1/11) 


    Competitive Obedience - PuppyAnnemarie SilvertonObedienceVHS

    Comments: Learn to select the right puppy, create a successful environment and teach preliminary obedience needed for competition. This is an older video, so some of the methods are a bit dated now.  


    Competitive Obedience- UtilityAnnemarie SilvertonObedienceVHS

    Comments: Teach correct go-outs, hand signals, scent articles, directed jumping and retrieving gloves. This is an older video, so some of the methods are a bit dated now.  


    Dogs are Problem Solvers - Complete Obedience Training (Tape 1)Connie ClevelandObedienceVHS

    Comments: In this DVD untrained dogs are taught basic skills. Approximately two-dozen dogs of varying breeds and their handlers are featured learning basic skills. Comes with Booklet 


    Go-Outs - The Concept of StraightJanice De MelloObedienceVHS

    Comments: Older video. Uses a precise and repetitive method to teach the go-out exercise in utility. For the experienced handler. 


    It's Magic - Part 1Sylvia BishopObedienceVHS

    Comments: Older video. Sylvia Bishop is a famous UK dog trainer, whose videos offer techniques she has used for more than 30 years and they are still applicable today. 


    It's Magic - Part IISylvia BishopObedienceVHS

    Comments: Older video. Sylvia Bishop has a unique and deceptively simple approach to training. 


    Problem Solving in HeelingAnnemarie SilvertonObedienceVHS

    Comments: The foundation for all obedience training is focused attention. A problem-solving video, this needs to follow the basic work. This is an older video, so some of the methods are a bit dated now.  


    Problem Solving in UtilityAnnemarie SilvertonObedienceVHS

    Comments: Featuring top obedience competitor and instructor Anne Marie Silverton, who is known for her outstanding personal success in the obedience ring. This is an older video, so some of the methods are a bit dated now.  


    The Foundations of Competitive Obedience (Tape 1 - Basic Skills)Joanne PlumbObedienceVHS

    Comments: This trainer cross-trains for Schutzhund also, so these methods may be better suited to larger, high-drive dogs 


    The Foundations of Competitive Obedience (Tape 2 - Teaching Precision)Joanne PlumbObedienceVHS

    Comments: This trainer cross-trains for Schutzhund also, so these methods may be better suited to larger, high-drive dogs 


    The Massage Ear Pinch Method of Forced RetrieveJanice De MelloObedienceVHS

    Comments: Older video. Many trainers no longer use this method but it is effective when correctly performed. Not for beginners.  


    UKC Obedience VideoUnited Kennel ClubObedienceVHS

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    Clicker Training
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    Click Your Way to Rally ObediencePamela DennisonClicker TrainingBook

    Comments: Covers AKC ND ADPT Rally Exercises. Alpine Publications 2006 


    Clicking for the Well-Mannered DogShirley ChongClicker TrainingVHS

    Comments: Basic obedience using clicker training. Training is very low-key, laid back, casual. Assumes prior knowledge of clicker training theory. (Missing-5/1/11) 


    Clicker MagicKaren PryorClicker TrainingDVD

    Comments: Learn what clicker training is all about if you're a beginner, fill in the gaps if you've been working on your own, get inspiration if you're an experienced instructor or trainer.  


    Competitive Obedience ClicksShirley ChongClicker TrainingDVD

    Comments: Details of competitive obedience are taught using clicker methods. Assumes prior knowledge of clicker theory and methods.  
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    Contacts : Bridging the Gap Between training and CompetitionRachel SandersAgilityDVD

    Comments: This DVD will show you why your two-on/two-off performances are deteriorating. It will also provide a comprehensive training plan for "release work" on the contacts. 

    Foundation JumpingSusan SaloAgilityDVD

    Comments: (Lost, Replaced 5/11) 

    Foundation Training For AgilityMoe StrenfelAgilityDVD

    Comments: Whether you are starting to train a new puppy for agility or you need to brush up on some skills with an experienced dog, you'll find suitable groundwork exercises for dogs at any level in this three DVD set.  

    Front and Rear CrossesStacey Peardot-GoudyAgilityDVD

    Comments: This DVD covers all of the steps involved in teaching front and rear crosses. Stacy's training methods are appropriate for puppies, dogs that need to be retrained, and all stages in between.  

    Control Unleashed - Creating a Focused and Confident DogLeslie McDevittAgilityBook

    Comments: Clean Run 2007. Video also available (#86)  

    The Beginner's Guide to Dog AgilityLaurie LeachAgilityBook

    Comments: TFH Publications 2006 

    Agility in Motion 2.8 Apr 2005Agility in MotionAgilityDVD

    Comments: Agility Video Magazine. Vol 2 No 8 Apr 2005 

    Agility in Motion 2.9 June 2005Agility in MotionAgilityDVD

    Comments: Agility Video Magazine Vol 2 No 9 June 2005 

    Agility in Motion 2.10 Aug 2005Agility in MotionAgilityDVD

    Comments: Agility Video Magazine Vol 2 No 10 Aug 2005 DVD and VHS 

    Agility in Motion 2.11 Oct 2005Agility in MotionAgilityDVD

    Comments: Agility Video Magazine Vol 2 No 11 Oct 2005 DVD and VHS 

    Agility in Motion 2.12 Dec 2005Agility in MotionAgilityDVD

    Comments: Agility Video Magazine Vol 2 No 11 Dec 2005 DVD and VHS 

    Agility in Motion 2.7 Feb 2.7Agility in MotionAgilityDVD

    Comments: Agility Video-magazine. Vol 2 No 7 Feb 2005 DVD and VHS 

    Serpentines, Threadles & 270's Stacey Peardot-GoudyAgilityDVD

    Comments: Breaks down the training and handling of three patterns often seen on agility courses - serpentines, threadles, and 270s - into easy-to-follow steps for both dog and handler. 

    World Class WeavesJoe CanovaAgilityDVD

    Comments: Joe will not only show you how to teach your dog to weave, but also finding difficult entries, holding on to a consistent and dynamic performance with speed, accuracy and independence.  

    2 X 2 Weave Training Susan GarrettAgilityDVD


    Human Agility Training - Vol 1 Running Mechanics and Dynamic Warm-upLori HansenAgilityDVD

    Comments: Sport specific conditioning for the Human half of the team. 

    One Jump Two JumpSandy RogersAgilityDVD


    Teeter From Start To FinishWendy PapeAgilityDVD


    The Pre-Sports PuppyRachel SandersAgilityDVD


    The Winning Combination - Great Dog Great HandlerGreg DerrettAgilityDVD


    4 on the Floor – Modified Running ContactsAnn CroftAgilityDVD

    Comments: Learn how Ann Croft teaches a modified running contact for achieving both speed and accuracy while being easy on the structure of your dog.  

    Agility Fix-it - Contacts and Weave PolesJulie DanielsAgilityDVD

    Comments: Features an introduction to operant training with segments on using targets for upside and downside contacts, using hoops on contacts, a game for reinforcing contact performance, weave pole entries, weave pole exits, and speed in the weave poles. 

    Control at a DistanceAmanda NelsonAgilityDVD

    Comments: Amanda has developed a system for teaching dogs how to work at a distance and which obstacle to take without hesitation. Fully authored DVD with Menu Page. (2 copies in library 62 and 62-B, 5/11) 

    Go The Distance:Training Your Dog To Work Away Vol. 1Stacey Peardot-GoudyAgilityDVD

    Comments: Training your agility dog to work away - a key element of success in any agility venue. Exercises can be tailored to any level. 

    Go The Distance:Training Your Dog To Work Away Vol.2Stacey Peardot-GoudyAgilityDVD

    Comments: This is the 2nd volume in the series, gradually adding distance over time as the dog becomes comfortable and reliable at each stage. The exercises can be tailored to any level of dog. 

    Great Dog, Shame About The HandlerGreg Derrett AgilityDVD

    Comments: Greg Derrett covers all the handling aspects needed to get the best out of you and your agility dog. Explains the proven and successful methods and handling system, taking you through more than fifty training exercises. With booklet.  

    In Focus – Foundation WorkDeborah Jones and Judy KellerAgilityDVD

    Comments: Deborah Jones and Judy Keller developed the FOCUS program to help you create a happy working partner that is ready and eager to train. Dogs with FOCUS do not get off-track and distracted.  

    In Focus – Need for SpeedDeborah Jones and Judy KellerAgilityDVD

    Comments: Sometimes a dog doesn't show as much enthusiasm about doing agility as we would like him to. Learn what you can do to change your dog's reaction to agility so that you can both have fun doing this sport. 

    Success With One JumpSusan GarrettAgilityDVD

    Comments: A video that gives you the tools to improve your skills as a handler, regardless of the size of your backyard. Provides clear instruction on more than 20 exercises. 

    Walking The CourseKathy KeatsAgilityDVD

    Comments: Learn how to use your walk-through time effectively and plan your agility runs. 36 Minutes. 

    Agility Dog TrainingCL and VR KramerAgilityVHS

    Comments: Older video, Black & white, includes old style obstacles such as sway bridge, weave hoops, ladder. In 1987, Charles (Bud) Kramer founded the National Club for Dog Agility (NCDA).  

    Agility Foundation TrainingGreg Derrett AgilityDVD

    Comments: Covers all the essential basic training techniques to give you and your dog the strong foundation needed to build a successful agility career.  

    Agility In Motion 1.1 Jan 2004Agility In MotionAgilityVHS

    Comments: Agility Video-magazine. Vol 1, No 1, Jan 2004  

    Agility Is Fun - Control ExercisesRuth HobdayAgilityVHS

    Comments: Older video. Ruth Hobday was involved in agility since 1979. Her famous Border Collie, Heidi, was the top dog in the U.K. for nearly three years. 

    Competitive Agility Training - Advanced SkillsJane Simmons-MoakeAgilityVHS

    Comments: Illustrates how to isolate and train many of the skills necessary to successfully compete at the most advanced levels of competition. Also describes how to strengthen and maintain existing skills for attaining predictable, solid performances in the ring.  

    Competitive Agility Training - ObstaclesJane Simmons-MoakeAgilityVHS

    Comments: Illustrates how to teach your dog to negotiate each of the competition obstacles safely and efficiently, with competitive excellence in mind. Includes principles for building a strong foundation for future work in sequencing and advanced competition skill 

    Competitive Agility Training - Sequence TrainingJane Simmons-MoakeAgilityVHS

    Comments: How to sequence smoothly from one obstacle to the next, allowing you to reach your dog's highest potential for speed and accuracy. Sequence Training focuses on helping you to develop a consistent set of cues for communicating with your dog. 
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    Handling 1 - BasicMichael Kemp ConformationDVD

    Comments: So you've got your first show dog and you want to show him yourself? Good for you! Now get this video and learn how to handle from Michael Kemp, top professional handler. Designed for the novice. 

    Handling II - AdvancedMichael KempConformationDVD

    Comments: Learn show handling techniques from Michael Kemp, professional handler and winner of the 1992 Westminster Best in Show. For the advanced, but non-professional, handler. 

    DogstepsRachel Page Elliot ConformationDVD

    Comments: The most complete information on canine gait and movement available in video format. Includes anatomical diagrams and film clips of still and moving x-rays which provide a look at bone and joint motion inside the dog. 

    Preparation and Presentation of the Show DogJeffrey Lynn BruckerConformationDVD

    Comments: A training course for the conformation ring with Jeffrey Brucker, one of top handlers in the US. Very detailed on all aspects of showing dogs and dog shows. For the more advanced, but non-professional handler. 

    AKC Video SeriesIn The Ring With Mr. WrongConformationVHS

    Comments: Old video. Covers how to handle your dog and deal with difficult judges.  

    Canine CineradiographyRachel Page Elliot ConformationDVD

    Comments: The moving X-Rays in this DVD show precisely what the bones and joints are doing when a dog is in motion. 

    Puppy Puzzle - Evaluating StructureBob and Pat HastingsConformationDVD

    Comments: The Hastings approach to evaluating the structural quality of puppies. Learn from the pros how to choose the right puppy for your breeding program and the show ring, obedience, agility, field trials, or home. 
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    Canine Performance MedicinePat PerkinsHealthDVD

    Comments: This DVD offers a full day workshop covering the role of pain in canine performance, basics of canine acupuncture, basics of canine chiropractic, pre-performance stretching routines, and what to do when chiropractic, acupuncture and exercise aren’t enough 

    Proactive NutritionMonica SegalHealthCD

    Comments: Recommended by Jean Dobbs. This seminar is geared towards people who believe that we can affect the health of our pets by considering nutritional facts as they might pertain to an individual dog.  

    Building The Canine AthleteC. Zink, DVM and L McCauley, DVMHealthDVD

    Comments: Lots of great exercises well presented. Not just for canine performance athletes, it's for all dogs who enjoy any kind of physical activity. 

    Strengthening the Performance DogDebbie Gross SaundersHealthDVD

    Comments: Demonstrates and explains a variety of strengthening exercises that should be part of your crosstraining program outside of agility. 

    Pilates For PoochesSarah Johnson, MA and Andrew Sams, DVMHealthDVD

    Comments: A core strengthening and conditioning program 

    Do-It-Yourself Canine Therapeutic MassageDr. Cindy DiFranco, DVMHealthDVD

    Comments: National agility competitor and veterianarian, Dr. Cindy DiFranco, teaches you how to give your dog the ultimate therapeutic massage.  

    Emergency First Aid for DogsApogee Entertainment LLCHealthDVD

    Comments: The decisions you make in the first critical minutes of a medical emergency can determine the outcome. This DVD will provide the knowledge you need to act quickly and confidently. 

    The BARF (Bones and Raw Food) DietDr. Billinghurst HealthDVD

    Comments: Developed by Australian veterinarian Ian Billinghurst, the BARF diet is based on feeding raw, meaty bones, animal offal, raw vegetables, and supplements instead of commercially-processed or cooked homemade diets.  
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    Herding I - OverviewJeanne Joy HartnagleHerdingDVD

    Comments: The viewer will learn about successful herding from award-winning author, breeder, trainer, and judge Jeanne Joy Hartnagle. This video is an introduction and overview of herding.  

    Come Bye and Away - Early Stages of Sheepdog TrainingH. Glyn JonesHerdingDVD

    Comments: Demonstrates the early stages of sheepdog training when a young dog is first let loose with sheep. Features internationally known herding expert H. Glyn Jones and Border Collies. 

    All Breed Herding: The Next Steps Lynn LeachHerdingDVD

    Comments: Picks up where Vol. 1 finishes. Begins with ideas to slow your dog down, teaches respect of the flight zone and a straight walk-up; demonstrates drills to extend and widen the outrun, followed by trial skills. 

    An Introduction to All Breed HerdingLynn LeachHerdingVHS

    Comments: Shows 19 different herding breeds in action. Shows how to handle problems common to upright, loose-eyed breeds, instinct tests, first introductions to stock, and more. 
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    TrackingSteve WhiteTrackingDVD

    Comments: Complete 12 hour seminar in 6-disc set. The six DVDs include lecture, video presentations, power point graphics, and hands-on tracking instruction. There are at least two methods each for tracking, article identification and scent discrimination. 

    Tracking FundamentalsSandy GanzTrackingDVD

    Comments: Will guide you through track laying, mapping, puppy training, and adult dog training with the same program the author uses in her beginning tracking classes. 
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    Audio Books
    These are novels and biographies on dog-related topics, on CDs, good for listening in your car on the way to far-away dog shows.
    (The Audiobooks are not the property of WLAOTC, but are from the collection of Gabrielle Beaubrun. They are available for free loan to Club Members just like the videos.)
    WLAOTC ID Title Author/Trainer Category Format Requests


    A Dog's Life : Autobiography of a StrayAnn MartinAudio BookCD

    Comments: Children's Book. Grade 4-6. In this autobiography of a dog named Squirrel, author Martin imagines how a stray separated from its family in puppyhood finds its way in the world.  


    Bliss To YouDean KoontzAudio BookCD

    Comments: Bestselling author Dean Koontz says his dog, Trixie, changed his life and made him a better, happier person. Trixie shares her inspiring outlook on life and reveals the eight steps to achieve not merely happiness, but bliss. 


    Dog ManMartha SherrillAudio BookCD

    Comments: Sherrill tells the story not only of the salvation of an ancient breed of dog but also of the complicated man who loved them. The changes in postwar Japan are woven into the narrative, along with tales of Morie’s Akitas.  


    Dog On It Spencer QuinnAudio BookCD

    Comments: Chet the Jet is a dog who failed K-9 school, but now he is a dedicated PI and works with Bernie solving crimes. The story is told entirely from Chet’s point of view, which will delight dog-loving mystery readers. 


    Dog StoriesDave HendersonAudio BookCD

    Comments: Dave Henderson, a seasoned outdoorsman, presents 21 short stories about dogs he’s collected over the years. Especially interesting for owners of bird dogs and water dogs. 


    Dog YearsMark Doty Audio BookCD

    Comments: Delving into the universal themes of life and death, grief and happiness, Doty's style is philosophical, merging memoir, poetry and prose into his eulogy for his two dogs.  


    Dogs Will Be Dogs St. Hubert's Animal Welfare CenterAudio BookCD

    Comments: Experts from St. Hubert's Dog Training School in Madison, New Jersey--one of the largest dog training schools in America--share simple and humane techniques for training your four-footed friend.  


    For The Love of a Dog Patricia McConnell PhDAudio BookCD

    Comments: Animal behaviorist and prolific author on all things canine, McConnell presents a compelling combination of stories to show how understanding emotions in both people and dogs can improve owners' relationships with their pets. 


    The Art of Racing In The Rain Garth SteinAudio BookCD

    Comments: Enzo is a lab terrier mix plucked from a farm outside Seattle to ride shotgun with race car driver Denny Swift as he pursues success on the track and off. Stein creates a patient, wise, doggy narrator and a surprisingly moving book. 


    The Dogs Who Found MeKen FosterAudio BookCD

    Comments: Foster's account of his knack for spotting abandoned dogs, his rescues of them, and then life with the dogs he has found. His overarching sense of the wonder and pleasure at the world, makes his story a real delight.  


    The Story of Edgar SawtelleDavid Wroblewski Audio BookCD

    Comments: Born mute, speaking only in sign, Edgar Sawtelle lives on his family's farm where they raise and train an extraordinary breed of dog. A tragic, riveting family saga as well as a brilliant exploration of the limits of language. 


    Bad Dogs Have More FunJohn GroganAudio BookCD

    Comments: Selected Writings on Family, Animals, and Life by John Grogan for The Philadelphia Inquirer. Disc #3 has dog stories, the others are short stories about life in general. 5.5 hours/6CDs 


    Be The Pack LeaderCesar millanAudio BookCD

    Comments: Well-known Los Angeles dog trainer (of the TV show Dog Whisperer) describes his method of developing the calm-assertive energy of a successful pack leader. Read by the author. 5 hours/4CDs  


    Dog DaysJohn KatzAudio BookCD

    Comments: Animal stories about the author's life on a rural New York farm with his Border Collies and other dogs. 7.5hrs/6CDs 


    Favorite Dog StoriesJames HerriotAudio BookCD

    Comments: Collection of dog-related stories by this well-known vet who practiced in Yorkshire, England many years ago. 3 hours/3CDs 


    Good Dog. Stay.Anna QuindlenAudio BookCD

    Comments: Pulitzer Prize winning author writes about her beloved Labrador retriever. 45mins/1CD 


    Marley and MeJohn GroganAudio BookCD

    Comments: #1 New York Times Bestselling novel about a Labrador Retriever. Read by the author. 6 hours/5 CDs. 


    Merle's Door - Lessons From a Freethinking DogTed KerasoteAudio BookCD

    Comments: When an abandoned dog tags along with Ted Kerasote on a rafting trip, its the start of a long life-changing experience, with a learning process that goes both ways. 


    The Call of the Wild AND White FangJack LondonAudio BookCD

    Comments: Two books. First published in 1903, these are classic adventure stories about Artic dogs and wolves. Warning: many violent scenes described. 13 hours/12CDs 


    The Darkest Evening of the YearDean KoontzAudio BookCD

    Comments: Not really a dog story, but the heroines in this action-thriller novel are a dog rescuer and her Golden Retrievers. 9 hours/8CDs 


    The Social Lives of DogsElizabeth Marshall ThomasAudio BookCassette tapes

    Comments: Stories of a multi-dog household and the lessons learned about dog behavior. 3 hours/ 2 cassette tapes 


    A Big Little Life - a memoir of a joyful dogDean KoontzAudio BookDVD

    Comments: Read by author. How Trixie changed his life forever. 


    A Dog's Purpose - A Novel for HumansW. Bruce CameronAudio BookDVD

    Comments: Though it initially feels like a children's novel, I ultimately found this unique dog's-view autobiography through sequential lives, very engaging and moving. 9.5hrs/8CDs 


    Anyone But YouJennifer CruiseAudio BookDVD

    Comments: A novel about a woman who gets a Bassett Hound to cheer her up. Not exactly a dog book, but the dog's role is a big one. 5hrs/5CDs 


    Dog Training Made EasyDion CozamanisAudio BookDVD

    Comments: How to train your puppy or dog in less than 30 days. 


    Inside Of A DogAlexandra HorowitzAudio BookDVD

    Comments: With a light touch and the weight of science behind her, Horowitz examines what we think we know about dogs. Interesting and very educational. 10.5hrs/9CDs  


    Love Is The Best MedicineDr. Nick Trout, DVMAudio BookDVD

    Comments: What two dogs taught one veterinarian about hope, humility and everyday miracles. 8.5hrs/7CDs 


    One Good DogSusan WilsonAudio BookDVD

    Comments: A novel about a dog who changes an arrogant businessman's view of life. 8.5hrs/7CDs 


    The SearchIris JohansenAudio BookAudio CD

    Comments: Not really a dog story, but a suspense thriller in which a canine search and rescue team's golden retriever has a central role. 6hrs/6CDs 


    Through A Dog's EyesJennifer ArnoldAudio BookDVD

    Comments: Understanding dogs and how they see the world. (Written by a service dog trainer, but I found it slow.) 7hrs/6CDs 


    You Had Me at WoofJulie KlamAudio BookDVD

    Comments: How Dogs Taught me the Secrets of Happiness. Though at times I found her goofy and frustrating, this woman's ultimate dedication to Boston Terrier rescue is admirable and the book is well written. 6hrs/5CDs 
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    Karen LondonCanine Play Including Its Relationship to AggressionOtherDVD

    Comments: Dr. London explains how following simple rules can prevent the escalation of play into aggression, the benefits and risks of common games people play with their dogs and why play is such an important part of the relationship between people and dogs. (Lost 


    A Dog's Purpose - A Novel for HumansW. Bruce CameronOtherBook

    Comments: Fiction. Forge 2010 


    A Good Dog - The Story of Orson Who Changed My LifeJon KatzOtherBook

    Comments: Villard 2006 


    Bloodlines - A Dog Lover's MysterySusan ConantOtherBook

    Comments: Fiction. Doubleday 1993 


    CANINE BODY LANGUGEBrenda AloffOtherBook

    Comments: Canine Behavior. Photographic Guide Interpreting the Native Language of the Domestic Dog. Dogwise 2010 


    Civilizing the City DogPamela DennisonOtherBook

    Comments: A Guide to Rehabilitating Aggressive Dogs in an Urban Environment. Canine Behavior. with Jolant Benal. Supplement to "How to Right a Dog Gone Wrong" Alpine Publications. 


    Found Dogs - Tales of Strays Who Landed on their FeetElise LufkinOtherBook

    Comments: Illustrated by Diana Walker. Lyons Press 2005 


    If Only They Could Speak - Stories about Pets and their PeopleNicholas DodmanOtherBook

    Comments: W W Norton 2002 


    Play With Your DogPat MillerOtherBook

    Comments: Behavior and Obedience. Dogwise 2008 


    Second Chances - More Tales of Found DogsElise LufkinOtherBook

    Comments: Illustraded by Diana Walker. Forward by Jamie Lee Curtis. Lyons Press 2003 


    The Other End of the Leash - Why We Do What We Do Around DogsPatricia McConnellOtherBook

    Comments: Behavior. Randon House 2002 


    Flying Dogs: An Introduction to Dock JumpingMark StuartOtherDVD



    Power of Positive Training--Tape 2Ted TurnerOtherVHS

    Comments: Extinguishing Aggression and Other Problem Behaviors & Proactive Behavior Management. Older Video. Tape 2 of set. Tape 1 lost. 


    Calming signals: What Your Dog Tells YouTurid RugaasOtherDVD

    Comments: Norwegian dog trainer Turid Rugaas is a noted expert on canine body language, notably “calming signals” which are signals dogs give other dogs and humans that denote stress. The DVD shows footage of calming signals, how dogs use them, and how you can use  


    Dogs That Changed The World FM Abraham (Documentary)OtherDVD

    Comments: Award-winning PBS Series on the evolution of dogs and their relationships with humans.Click Here for more info


    Extaordinary BondAKC Video seriesOtherVHS

    Comments: The AKC honors the human-canine bond with the creation of the AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE). 


    Training for Silent HuntingJ.M. NahornOtherDVD

    Comments: This video is an excellent presentation of a new, gentle and humane way to develop a puppy into a great hunting partner. There's no force or "breaking" and she shows how the pup can be encouraged to think for himself, without the use of voi 


    Unleash Your Dog's PotentialLinda Tellington-JonesOtherDVD

    Comments: Demonstrates the TTouch techniques that will help dogs overcome many physical and behavioral problems, including excessive barking and chewing, leash pulling, jumping up, fear-biting, timidity and shyness, more. 


    War Dogs - America's Forgotten HeroesMartin Sheen [Narrator] OtherVHS

    Comments: Award-winning and moving documentary about the important role of dogs in the Vietnam War.Click Here for more info


    Working With Fearful DogsNicole Wilde, CDPTOtherDVD

    Comments: Incorporates lecture, photographs and extensive video footage to explore the art of working with fearful dogs. Topics include causes and prevention; how fear manifests; recognized and lesser-known stress signals. Seminar - 3 disc set.  


    Am I SafeSarah KalnajsOtherDVD

    Comments: The art and science of canine behavior assessments. 


    Dog PlayPatricia B. McConnell, PhDOtherDVD

    Comments: Understanding play between dogs, and between dogs and people. 


    Stub - The Best CowDog in the WestDisney Movie ClubOtherDVD

    Comments: Entertainment 


    Your New Dog and YouAKC (American Kennel Club)OtherDVD

    Comments: A beginner's guide to dog care and training. 


    Dancing With Your Dog - Getting StartedSandra DavisOtherDVD

    Comments: Learn Musical Canine Freestyle, an exciting activity where dog and handler perform dance type movements together to music.  


    Dedication and Everlasting Love to AnimalsD.E.L.T.A. RescueOtherVHS

    Comments: Older video. Learn more about the work of D.E.L.T.A. Rescue saving dogs and cats who are abandoned in the wilderness, housing them at its no-kill sanctuary. (Missing 5/1/11) 


    Language of Dogs – Understanding Canine CommunicationSarah KalnajsOtherDVD

    Comments: Features a presentation and extensive footage of a variety of breeds showing hundreds of examples of canine behavior and body language. 


    America's Top Dog CompetitionA&E TV ChannelOtherVHS

    Comments: See WLAOTC members compete! 


    Competitive Obedience - OpenAnnemarie SilvertonOtherVHS

    Comments: Continue your competitive obedience training by teaching the retrieve, high jump and drop on recall. This is an older video, so some of the methods are a bit dated now.  


    The Lassie Dog Training SystemBob WeatherwaxOtherVHS

    Comments: Older video 1994. Two tape set. 


    The Tellington TouchLinda Tellington-JonesOtherVHS

    Comments: An overview of the TTouch technique, which combines traditional veterinary and therapeutic bodywork techniques; plus the story of how author Linda Tellington Jones developed it and got her start. Older video. 
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