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Agility Classes PayPal Payment Authorization

If you are using PayPal, you will select the trainer's name (and day if needed) to chose the amount you will be paying. If you are a working member (2 service credits and a total of 6 or more credits), for Danielle's classes, you will select one of the last two options in the list. To verify if you qualify, click here to check the credits awarded to you in the previous year.

* If you are in the 6 week beginner's class (your registrar will have notified you of this) select the last line for your payment.

Please enter your dog's name and start time for your class to assist the registrar in matching your name.

Click on "Buy Now" button to use PayPal or it's secure guest feature to make your payment.

Agility Classes
Dog Name andTime

When PayPal returns you to this page:click on WLAOTC Home to use the website, or close the tab. WLAOTC and it's members thank you for chosing to take classes with us.

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