Agility Classes

Our agility program provides not only training for handlers and their dogs, but also opportunities to socialize with other dog enthusiasts in a club-like atmosphere.  Most of our students continue with our program for years.  Many go on to compete in agility trials.

Beginning and continuing agility classes are held on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during daylight hours at Cheviot Hills Recreation Center, on Motor Avenue near Pico Boulevard. The agility area is at the west end of the park near the archery range. Yahoo Map to Classes | Training Class Map - within park (166k .pdf



We start new beginning agility classes two or three times a year on each day. Beginning classes on Thursdays and Saturdays start in the afternoon. Wednesday beginning classes are usually at 11:00 am. We do not take registrations in advance but will notify those interested by email when we have scheduled new classes. If you would like to be notified, you must fill out the Notification List form below.

Although it is not required, we highly recommend enrolling your dog in a novice obedience class before attempting agility. Because we start only a few beginning classes each year, we give priority to our active WLAOTC members and current and former WLAOTC students.  Please visit our Obedience Classes page for more information and availability of these classes.  Your dog should be at least six months old and be able to Sit, Down, Come, and Stay on command.  



WLAOTC occasionally has space in our more advanced agility classes. We welcome students from other programs, although consent of the trainer is required. If you would like to be considered for an open space, you must fill out the Notification List form below.

All agility classes are taught by Danielle Dumais.

All handlers are required to help with equipment moves and tear downs as needed.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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Notification List - Online Form

Please fill out the online form below.  This will put you on the list requesting to be notified about openings in our agility classes.

Your information will not be used for any purpose other than sending you information about WLAOTC classes.

Important:  If in the future, your dog has completed more classes or you have become an active WLAOTC member, please fill out a new form so our information is complete.

Fields marked with * are required

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* Your dog's name:

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* What is your dog's ability level:

Beginner (has had less than 6 months of agility training, or no agility training)

Intermediate (has had more than 6 months of agility training within the last 2 years, can negotiate a course of obstacles, may or may not have independent weaves and teeter-totter)

Advanced (has independent weaves, consistent contacts on all obstacles, may have competed in agility trials)

Have you competed in agility trials?:

Does your dog have any performance titles (agility, obedience, other)? Please list:

*What classes has this dog taken with WLAOTC? (Put "none" if none.)

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*WLAOTC trainers? (Put "none" if none.)

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Additional Comments. Include your own experience with WLAOTC agility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my dog ready for agility?

Your dog should be at least six months old and be able to Sit, Down, Come and Stay on command. Students who have taken our obedience classes are generally ready for agility.  If we are not familiar with your dog, she may be tested before the first class on her ability to sit, stay and come when called while off-leash.  We will also observe her behavior near other excited dogs. We don't expect perfection. Agility is an exciting sport for both dogs and handlers, and all dogs will occasionally be too excited to pay attention. But a dog that is not under control most of the time is not ready to do agility. If your dog fails the test, we will return your fee and suggest that you enroll your dog in a novice obedience class before attempting an agility class.  See Obedience Classes for information.

Am I ready for agility?

Agility is a physical sport for dogs and handlers. As your dog's confidence and skill increases, she will be negotiating longer courses at higher speeds. As a handler, you will be required to run through all or part of the course with your dog. Additionally, all students are required to help setting up and taking down equipment. While you don't need to be an athlete, you do need to be in good physical condition. There's a reason it's called "agility".

May someone other than myself handle my dog in class?

In our agility classes, we are training the team: dog and handler. The dog is not learning skills independently. You are both learning a new way to communicate, verbally and physically. You may have more than one person handle your dog in agility class, but both handlers need to attend class.

What is the size limit for group classes?

Continuing classes are limited to 8 students. Beginning classes may have more students, as there is usually some natural attrition.

Do you offer private training?

We do not offer private training through our club.

When will you start the next beginning agility class?

We have a fixed number of classes each day. Students in our program are automatically enrolled in future sessions unless they decide to drop out. When we have enough students drop out of the program, we have room to start a new beginning class.

We cannot predict when students will leave class.

I filled out the form but I haven't heard from you. Am I still on the list?

Our classes are usually completely full, and we have a long notification list, particularly for those requesting Saturday classes. As space becomes available, we will notify those interested by email. We do give priority to our active WLAOTC club members and former and current WLAOTC students. If you want to increase the probability that you will be offered a space, you may become an active club member (see Forms page - New Membership) or enroll in one of our obedience classes (Obedience Classes). Be sure to fill out a new Notification List Form so we have current information for you.

May I observe your classes?

Agility classes are held all Wednesday (8 am to 12 noon), Thursday (8 am to 3:30 pm) and Saturday (8 am to 4 pm) at Rancho Park. It is a public park and you are welcome to observe classes. The most advanced classes begin the day and the beginning classes are at the end. If you come, please stay outside the area marked by the fencing and please don't ask the trainer questions during or between classes. If your dog is with you, make sure you keep him/her on leash and at least 6 feet from other dogs.

Will I learn agility in one 8-week session?

No. You and your dog will learn basic skills and be introduced to all the obstacles in your first beginners' 8-week session. It takes months to become proficient. Before the end of each 8-week session, you will be asked if you wish to continue in class. Most of our students continue in agility classes for months and years, progressing to more advanced classes, and competing in agility trials.

How do we move up to more advanced classes when my dog and I are no longer beginners?

Our trainer adjusts her training based upon the capabilities of the students, regardless of the time of day. Before each new session, she arranges the classes by grouping handlers and dogs with similar skills. Students will be moved up to the more advanced classes as spots become available and when the trainer believes they are ready.

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