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Enrollment in this class requires consent of the Trainer prior to registration in the class.

Pre-requisite information:

If you are currently taking or have recently taken one of our WLAOTC obedience classes, your trainer will advise you if you and your dog have achieved the level of expertise to advance to the next class. Preferred pre-requisites for this class are: at least one session of Competition Prep class, CD or U-CD and/or permission of the trainer.

If you have not taken our WLAOTC obedience classes, you must receive consent from the trainer prior to registering for an advanced level class. You and your dog must have taken a formal obedience class or private obedience instruction.

Class Purpose:

This class will focus on advanced obedience exercises required for competition for the CDX, UD and UDX titles.

Exercises include: directed jumping, dumbbell retrieving, drop of recall, scent articles, glove retrieval, go-outs, etc..


Open is a continuing class with priority for enrollment given to current class students. Enrollment for new students is offered if there is a space open. The registrar may contact you if approval has not been sent from our trainer. You may join this class at anytime as it is an ongoing training class and your initial fee will be pro-rated as approved by our Obedience Coordinator.

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Open Obedience Class Registration

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