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Information on this form is required for participation in our classes. It needs to be filled out at least once every calendar year. Checking the box at the end of the form indicates your signature of acceptance of the terms of the waiver. These forms must be filled out by the handler who will be participating in the class. If a second person has been approved to attend, they must fill out a separate set of forms.

Due to the conditions created by the COVID pandemic, we are required to complete and keep a form by the county parks and recreation department as well as sign and submit a second form. Both forms contain waivers based on COVID restrictions. Your checking the boxes on those forms is the equivalent to signing the form. You will be asked for initials and a signature that will be used for a print format. Access to the COVID forms will follow completion of the WLAOTC waiver.

Print capability is provided for your records only. The form will appear after you submit this page. Use capabilities on your phone or computer to save or print the formatted page.

These forms must be filled out by the handler who will be participating in the class.

* indicates a required field.

*Owner's name and phone (in case of emergency cancellation of classes):
First Name: 
Last Name:  * Phone:    ) 

Handler's name if different from owner (must be 18 years or older).
First Name: 
Last Name: 

Handler Under 18 ?(Yes or No): 

Telephone Number (if different from owner, in case of emergency cancellation of classes):
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* Street:
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Waiver, Assumption of Risk and Agreement to Hold Harmless: I understand that attendance at a dog training class is not without risk to myself, members of my family or guests who may attend; or my dog, because some of the dogs to which I will be exposed may be difficult to control and may be the cause of injury even when handled with the greatest amount of care. In consideration of WLAOTC allowing me to enroll in its Obedience training class, I hereby: (a) waive and release WLAOTC, its members, trainers, officers, directors, agents and employees from any and all liability of any nature for loss, damage or injury which my family members, my guests, myself or my dog may suffer, any injury while attending any training session or while on the training grounds or the surrounding area thereto as a result of any action by any dog, including my own, (b) understand that it is my personal responsibility to maintain control of any dog in my care and custody while attending any training class; and (c) affirm that my dog’s vaccines (or blood titer tests) are current and will remain so for the duration of this course.

If, in the opinion of the trainer (a) the handler is unable to adequately train or control the dog; or (b) the dog is unduly aggressive, the handler agrees to withdraw from the class. The owner, or another adult, may assume training of the dog if they are able to control the dog, but understands that in no event will the fee be refunded. The trainer may make such determination at any time. The owner willbe referred to private training until the dog is able to handle a group class situation.

The trainer, on behalf of the Board of Directors, reserves the right to excuse from class any person who, in the opinion of the trainer, is abusing a dog.

* I accept the terms included above and by checking this box indicate my agreement to them and that this is a substitute for my signature. I understand without this acceptance I will be unable to attend classes offered by WLAOTC. This waiver is good for 12 months from the date the information is submitted.


The next page will show a completed form which you can print for your records. Please double check the information you entered on this page to be sure that your information is correct. If you find an error on the next page, you will need to email webmaster@wlaotc.com to have this changed.

At the bottom of the next page will be a link to the second waiver form.


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